Summarecon Digital center


  • Year of construction 2012 - 2014
  • client/owner PT Lestari Mahadibya
  • location Jl Scientia Boulevard Serpong
  • project status Opening
  • structure enginner Davy Sukamta & Partners
  • mechanical & electrical enginner PT Asdi Swasatya
  • construction management
  • contractor
  • site area 0.000 sqm
  • gross floor area 0.000 sqm
  • building height 3 Storeys

building area
  • 59.250 sqm %

  • parking area
    0.000 sqm %
SDC Serpong is located in the Scientia Square, Summarecon Serpong. This project was launched on June 30, 2014, Completing high-quality facilities that already exist in Summarecon Serpong as a lifestyle center.
SDC (Summarecon Digital Centre) Serpong is a digital commercial center providing the needs of various information technology equipments such as computers, gadgets, and other mobile technologies. In addition, SDC Serpong also equipped with a supermarket, indoor futsal court, and a food court.
While the outdoor area will present features that can be used as a hangout area, and a meeting point, namely F&B Garden Walk and F&B Pad. SDC Serpong will have a total building area of 41,900 m2, which consists of 4 floors and 1 basement. SDC Serpong will be filled by 107 stores and 240 counters.
The presence of SDC Serpong is expected to enhance and complement the needs of digital and information technology products that are provided conveniently to consumers, while improving the quality of business in the region and surrounding Summarecon Serpong.