office & hotel @ fachruddin

Fachrudin Point Tower is perfectly located on the second corridor of Thamrin street in central Jakarta and exist to offer a new concept of unique usage of facility, complete with office and hotel. Sitting on a 5.000m2 and fitted right in between two main streets, the 22 storeys office and 18 storey high hotel can also be considered as the new icon of architecture. To exhibit the functions well and beyond office & hotel, an outdoor terrace on the ground floor, a function hall and a meeting room to accompany the eco-friendly hotel’s podium and an easy access ‘green roof’ on the office’s 4th floor are included as standard facilities. Another great attraction is the gym and swimming pool on the roof-top floor. The developer will work hand in hand with Accor Hotel management for the future operation. For Indomegah, the building’s modern simplicity looks is accentuated with geometric accents on each building. The usage of double glass on the facades is incorporated with streamline aluminium composite panels and grills for most parts. As for the architect’s supporting elements, two masses of the office towers and hotel are united with a unique podium and green roof as the center part.