Borneo Business Icon

Borneo Business Icon is a new masterplan project located at Jl. Mayor Alianyang, Pontianak, West Kalimantan. The project offer commercial district and leisure center as a main function. It is expected to be the new business center and attractive destination in Pontianak. The project area of 22 Ha are divided into 12 lots and will be developed into 4 phases. There are existing warehouse and biz shop which had been built at Lot A1&E from previous development. A three stars hotel is located at lot B. Lot C, G and K are created to be a business lots. Six storeys Mini Office are located at lot C. Lot G and K consist of Biz Shop and will be developed in several phases. Commercial lots and single building anchor tenant will be created in Lot D & F. Lot H & J is prepared for an iconic mixed use building as an entertainment center and residential. Apartment tower is well integrated with the mall in Lot H. The Mall itself has a direct access to Lot J which is prepared for F&B area. The most attractive lot in the masterplan is in Lot L which has special feature as riveside promenade as its location adjacent to ambawang river. Two storeys Biz shop F&B is designed and completed with open space to accommodate public event and recreational area.