CBD Banyuwangi

The first business central district in Banyuwangi which contain hotel that combines functionality and entertainment malls and exclusive office (bizshop). Comes with modern concepts and understated with a locality in the Bayuwangi city. The land is located between the Banyuwangi city Ketapang harbour. The potential to become one of the comfortable resting place in Banyuwangi. Aside from the rest in this location there is Entertainment Center with a semi-open style, utilizing light at noon. Entertainment center has big tenants (department store) and small tenants (f & b). Entertainment facilities that support visitor comfort of the hotel and the surrounding bizshop. providing facilities to meet the lifestyle of the people in Banyuwangi.the Bizshop apply modern concepts, combined with locality concept using wood color tone as way to combine two major concepts in this masterplanning . Bizshop consists of two different functions, including one block for Bizshop F & b and 1 block for Bizshop Business. The different functions of course with a different look but still has all the functions of unity in the design of buildings on this masterplan. Masterplan with different functions, making the completion of the building facade is different but still in one unit. To create this third function of the building is given a touch of the same color, because through color can give a strong impression of the unity of the building and the area. Not only that, each building also given vertical pattern on the facade of the identity of the design that blends in this masterplan area. Building height to 10 floors for hotel facilities with a capacity of 138 units, while the Entertainment Center (F & B) consisting of two floors, and 2-3 floors for Biz Shop. Mixed Use Development is planned to be established on an area of 13.039 m2 with the concept of modern with a touch of locality will be the first mixed use development in the city of Banyuwangi. the hotel has direct access to entertaintment center so visitors of the hotel is easy to access to the entertainment center. Main entrance (in & out) on Jl. Yos Sudarso, Banyuwangi. The entire area of the region will be connected to the main roads which will be the center's main circulation area. Each area with different functions will be accompanied by a pedestrian boulevard in the central part of the region. Each area has a circulation path that connects the buildings with each other so as to create ease of access to the outside and within the region. For the laying of the building mass, the hotel was in the front with a height of 10 floors so as to make the identity of this region. Zoning of Entertainment center itself is located at the rear of the hotel so that the function of the hotel that emphasizes the convenience of users are not bothered by the concept of a more fun entertainment center but still with good acessibility. Then for bizshop zoning is beside and facing the hotel and mall. Conditions such as these will maximize bizshop function without interfering with other building functions. Banyuwangi Hotels with a height of 10 floors with one semi-basement. Consists of 3 floors podium and 7 typical unit. On the podium floor there are hotel facilities such as Ball Room, Meeting room, spa, fitness, Coffee Shop, pool and other amenities. As for the Executive lounge located on the 10th floor for hotel units totaled 138 units with 3 different scale units (deluxe, premier and Suite). Bizshop FNB and businesses with the number of 20 units with a height of three floors.