Pentacity Shopping Venue

Balikpapan has become the basis of east Kalimantan’s fast growing economy. Such a heavy that demand the daily needs supply in a complete shopping mall, and for the same the reason owner take on the opportunity in making Pentacity as the first premium shopping venue in the city. Located inside the Balikpapan Superblock complex, and interconnected to e-Walk City mall, Pentacity would by far make the development area as the biggest & busiest in Balikpapan. Starting “ One Stop Shopping “ Concept for every visitors and shoppers to get their basic needs, daily supply, hang out wit loved ones, or simply just entertaining friends The most unique part about pentacity is the combining concept of lease-mall with trade mall through strata title system, intended to increase sellable area, which in return will provide the developmen’t cashflow The mall’s mass shapes is created with “inside orientation” for the fact of façade’s massive structural usage. The curvy mass on these façade will strengthen the the entrence area to the mall, furthermore The façade’s design is also carry a very modern look Beside the massive structure, Pentacity façade’s also use the most high-tech LED interactive, making the mall as the city’s newest landmark for visitors and vicinity. In Supporting the building’s architecture, the interior was also designed with a very dynamic circulation for public to flow freely and comfortably shooping without losing orientation