Cherbon Junction

Toserba Yogya Kartini, located in jalan Kartini, Cirebon, are situated perfectly on the unique layout of 5.859 sqm. Part of the reason for that is the connecting space from the land-area buy out. Eventually, this connecting area became the main entrance, being build by shaping a very attractive shapes to give a more spacious impression on the background, even though the actual built was only 3 to 5 stroyes. Designed to reach almost 2 floors high, the impressive entrance is welcoming guests with impressive high ceiling foyer. Alongside the entrance several retails are located strategically on the ground floor to connect with the exhibition area. Having a supermarket on majority of the first floor (ground) was intended for a better traffic flow in and out to the parking lot. The department store are arranged neatly on the second, third and fourth floor, the last floor is set next food-courts and game center, as the family area. The fourth floor also have an open air terrace as part of it’s outdoor’s activity, while become an interesting façade element as well.