Yogya Kepatihan

YOGYA Kepatihan is one of the commercial buildings (Department Store) designed to augment the facilities of Bandung, which is also known as the travel expenditures. The building has been standing since the beginning of 1990, so it requires a process of rejuvenation of the building. The purpose of this is to create a new character that is not inferior to the other mall buildings. Rejuvenation process is done with the building renovations (redesign the facade and interior) as well as the expansion of the shopping area (mall extension). In area of 7627.5 m2 has created a mass of large buildings, so as to fulfill its primary function as a department store, and supporting functions such as supermarkets, cafes and restaurants, a food court, kiddy land, retail, and some of the major tenant. With the formation of this large mass, enabling the designer to process a wider building facade, like a painting on a large canvas. Building facade was designed to emphasize the elements of modernity with the formation of simple building (the game field and line), as a reflection of the lifestyle that are more modern.