Exclusive, that was the first impression when viewing The Majesty Apartment. The process of designing space and making it a perfact place to conceal oneself and serenade from the busy?ness of citylife. Exclusivity is shown by the design appearance with art deco touch. This style is chosen as a respond to the Bandung City’s environments that mostly adopts art deco style. As for the inclining top roofs, the idea was taken from the local Sundanese houses. A unique yet harmonious comibination between the two contrast background. To some part of the building, the architects tried to implement a classic minimalist style by providing some decorated windows ornaments. To bring smooth and calm ambiance and peace of mind for the guests, crème and brown is believed to be the right choice of colors. As for The Majesty Apartment’s interior design, classic minimalist is the only way to balance with the exterior. With materials from woods and textile that dominate the interior, one cannot escape the warm cozy feeling when inside. The list continued to their wall decoration and as far as the furniture. As a whole design, The Majesty Apartment has favorably outcome the function as a warm and cozy, comfortable residence with high?level privacy.