The first high-rise apartment in bandung with the nuances of the hill. Bandung city which is cool and quiet is the right choice as a shelter. Various concepts have sprung up in the city's residential, Galeri Ciumbuleuit is one of them. The uniqueness of the concept offered Galeri Ciumbuleuit is the natural shades of apartments where each unit occupancy presenting view the natural beauty of the city of Bandung, especially North Bandung. The location site is located at Jalan Ciumbuleuit, Bandung with steep site conditions to the creation of the split?level basement. Consists of 19 floors and five basement. Residential units arranged in a linear fashion with double loaded corridors. Facilities provided include a lounge, restaurant, mini market, shop, café, swimming pool, spa and fitness center. As a supporting activity, the front of the site built two blocks of home office.