A Mixed?use Buildings with all the urban lifestyle facilities. The ideal place for modern living with easy access for entertainment, recreation & shopping. Seasons City come in as a perfect representation to the market needs for a complete block that hasresidence, recreation and entertainment with a shopping mall Truly become the oasis to the fast?pace, busy crowd of west jakarta, Seasons City gives a refreshing mood to the surroundings. Judging from the modern contemporer outlook, no one would have guess the impressive resort?like indoor. Modern Living For Modern Activity requires Modern Architecture For most people who dreams of modern?minimalist the home, Seasons City would be the idea choice. Every Units is designed with landed house concept in mind and has simple geometric shapes dominating the fasade. The vertical & horizontal lines created a dynamic frame?like froms to each sides of the apartments tower. Those frames is crafted differently yet cleverly repeated to all the building skins. The color choise is a monochromatic brown with range of its shades. Some white and grey is used in the frames to avoid dullness. Thus, to give an impressive and dynamic look of Seasons City, the architect also add green and blue accent. Integrating Many Activities and Fasilities into One Location Seasons City has one uncommon thing other buildings don't have,An easy access for all the residence and visitors, since all the facilities and acttivitis are under the same roof. A grand shopping center with major tenants is also intended for the surrounding community. There is ever school building, designed ellegantly within the complex, to facilitate many. As a whole, Seasons City has created an amazing architecture to modernize the area.