Duta Indah Iconic is a prominent office complex icon for Tangerang City, for its strategic location in front of Jakarta?Merak toll road as well as becoming the main entrance before Jl. M.H.Thamrin. This project supposedly comprise of several developments. The first development?which when the erection was finished on 2015? is a complex of 8 office buildings. Six of them are corporate office buildings consist of 8 storeys each to cater small to medium business, while the other two are lease office buildings consist of 16 storeys each to cater bigger workspace. Those eight buildings stand align with two tallest buildings stand on each side to achieve "gate" look, work as well as an iconic landmark from the highway. The usage of blue?green color glass which dominated facades instantly creates elegant and modern looks. Every building has their own VIP drop?off. Entering the first floor, tenants and guests will be welcomed by full glazed spacious lobby with ambiance lighting. In the meantime private?compact workspace can be securely reached by elevators. generous parking space available in the semi basement and basement floor. We lifted parking area on to the ground to create fresh air circulation through parking area, also solving project visibility problem from the highway from hindering green zone in front of the site. On next development, this project will be integrated with plenty of open spaces, multi purposes shophouses, and all?fresco theme F&B that are all connected and function as magnet for visitors, tenants, and users to interact.