Waterplace Residence, Exactly describle the name literrally, succesfully integrated the concept of waterfeast into the apartment mass. The many form and treatment of the water ? pool has become a one of a kind attraction A vertical living in the city has become a perfect solution to many people, and so is surabaya as one of the country's major city. With a perfect location in west of surabaya, Waterplace Residence is situated in the vicinity of two major shopping mall in the city, the supermall & pakuwon trade center. That is notonly reason to draw attention, furthermore, the apartment is only 5 minutes away from sekolah petra and Pakuwon Golf & Family Club. The Residence is assembled from 5 Waterolace Residence Towers and 2 Grande Waterplace Towers The Beauty of Tropical Nature in A Mediterranean Style Veil The design of Waterplace Residence towers distinctively adapted the Mediterranean style architecture, complete with its soft pastel colors,such as brown and cream. The height difference to each tower is to maximize the dynamic difference of the buildings massing to increase the tropical feeling, the architect also use slop roofs. Quite different than Waterplace Residence, The Grande Waterplace Architecture is design to adapt a more classical roman syle.The shape of Roman Coloumns and ornaments detail become very dominant here, especially in the public area The main concept of Waterpalce Residence is an exclusive living for young excutive couples with the theme of lagoon apartment. The outdoor space is dominated with water?pool to give a resort like atmosphere for its residence The swimming pools has many shapes, sizes an function, a lap pool, a beach pool, a continuous pool and a baby & kids pool are among standard facilities. For the Grande Waterplace carry a more exlusive and private concept with the addition of indoor pools and barbeque area An Exclusive Residence, Designed to Give Comfort and Recreation for the Habitats.