As the capitol city, Jakarta is always face the highest record of land development versus migration issues. One of the way to solve this urban growth problem is through the offerings of modern vertical living. Between the city bustling major residential’s constructions and mid-range apartments, the demands of exclusive apartments is still rise to advance the quality of urban livings. Located on a 12.910 sqm within the suburban residential oriented complex of west Jakarta. Sky Terrace project is not only selling a unique and different concept, moreover to be the iconic landmark by showcasing the developer’s standard of quality. The Projec’s name ”Sky Terrace” came from the design concept’s of the building’s green-open air terrace with its distinct function as the residences main communal area. A condotel for the very young at heart by carrying the message of “stars within reach”. The vertical line elements surrounding the apartment’s mass and grids brought up the modernity to this high rise buildings. Sky Terrace Lagoon Condo are made by 3 medern concept building with cozy sky garden on the connecting floor. The three towers are combining a ’u-shape’ to face in the luscious greenery of the lagoon swimming pool. Buildings consists of 20 floors and 26 floors apartments, along with the parking buildings and several restaurant & cafes. Other Sky terrace facilities are leisure pool, kids pool, generaus children playgrounds, Jacuzzi, barbeque area, health club and commercial area.