Located inside the Balikpapan Supeblock, BSB SOHO & OFFICE TOWER maximise the capacity of 5.000 sqm land into a 18.770 sqm building mass of special function office and shops (in comparison to the typical shops). Divided into a 33 units of SOHO, 2 units of Office Towers of 6 floors, and one unit Tower of 9 floor for the owner, BSB Soho and Office Tower offers more than just spacious working/ business area with the supporting basement parking lots. Inspired by contemporer architecture references, BSB Soho and Office Tower iss designe to expressed linear lines and ornaments to emphasize the building’s mass and middle to end volumes and structures. The tall and wide glass area on the facade was treated very modern to bring up the elegant feels to the building design. ‘Buck Mullion’ glass installation system is utilized to give spacious impression with minimum attachments.