East Coast Residence

The design has been developed to make significant effects to comfort the residents. Any Architects given a spot near the coastal region would probably have thought of the shapes of ship, Layers, fish fin and everything nautical. Distinctively different, East Coast Residences developed design carefully planned to function at the best, which is comfort. As for apartement, comfort is the most vital reason for the people who live in. Such smooth impression, quietness, and friendliness are accommodated through East Coast Residences by providing the mediteranian style of architecture. The building does not expose much use of windows to prevent the resident from the ocean climate. Hence, the mass of the building with the letter ā€œUā€. On the building's side that face directly to the sea is used to cope the building's mass behind it and explores many rectangles from at the top of the tower,resembling the drawer shape in a shelf. The wavy lines act as an accent of balance for the rectangles below it. It would only be appropriate express mediterania style by using soft colors like maroon or pastels. Aside from its disitinct characters,EastCoast Reisdence attempt to harmonize the design with its location's environment.