CBD @ Summarecon Bekasi

As a Satellite City, Summarecon Bekasi was developed with a solid commercial idea to help possess functional pillars in supporting the city’s general life necessities and basic needs such as supermall, shopping centers, modern fresh markets, offices and hotels. Other pivotal infrastructure includes the main entrance bridge that connects Summarecon Bekasi to the city of Bekasi for an enhancement accessibility values. Furthermore, the mass transportation system such as Shuttle Bus, Urban Bus hub and Train Station were designed to accommodate most urban pedestrian needs in entering or exiting the Summarecon Bekasi area. During development process, certain areas were categorized into lots. The first Lot (LOT 1) is the TOD (Transit Oriented Area), contains of a solid modern urban environment to accommodate many public facilities like Urban Vehicle Hubs, Plaza, Communal parking buildings, middle low apartments and other retail activities. The Terrace as the Food & Beverages Leisure Center is located on the second lot (LOT 2). These two lots are the welcoming facades into Summarecon Bekasi. The third Lot (LOT 3) is a combination function between community mall and modern apartment; whilst in the fourth lot (LOT 4) are aligned to many office towers and eventually connected into a high-end apartment. The most attractive area in this urban master-planning is the next lot (LOT 5), where a high end apartment with a lakeside dining is locates right in front of a lake-view. Inside the city’s center will lay the sixth Lot (LOT 6), popularly known as Summarecon Bekasi Mall (SMB), which combines with various function to inter-connect as hubs between apartments, office spaces, office houses and office towers. Each of the connection was designed to be as comfortable as possible for pedestrians to enjoy their everyday’s commuting activity. LOT 7 was specifically designed for the homogeneous commercial function, that caters the like of automotive business to name a few. Lastly, a compilation of many other city’s supporting activities like tradecenters, modern markets, mini office, building depot and shophouses were arranged within LOT 8.