CBD Citraland Botanical City

Citraland Botanical City’s block A-B is planned to be built as an integrated business area within the CBD, maintaining the function of Commercial Shop Houses. Beyond a strategic business hub located in the center of pangkal pinang’s industry and business activities, CBD Citraland Botanical City also owns wonderful natural potential in a lake and tropical forrest to accomodate “green and healthy living” concept. Block A & B, are each built upon 1480m4 & 1673m2 space of 95000m2 total. With a 3 story building on each shop house, on top of multiplex estate’s concept of botanical, our design proposal for the shop-houses also implement more green materials and looks. Straight lines forms as well as the usage of vibrant colors appear as a dominant combination on the architecture, creating a radiant buildings and outstanding look as the welcoming attribute for the area’s entrance. The Block A & B creation will certainly be an unforgettable attraction in helping CBD Citraland Botanical City to support the growth of the healthy and beautiful city of Pangkal Pinang