Thamrin Sky One

Given reasons of the nation’s dynamic business and Jakarta’s property growth in recent times, Thamrin SkyOne is a continuation project from Thamrin Skyline rejuvenation. The architect team propose a complete remodelling design while keeping the owner’s vision in bringing world-class property for any market. With total freedom and without any limitation to change the existing building structures, a 13.162m2 piece of property is being optimized into a total amalgamate mass between mall, office and hotel of 108.546m2, all inclusive with 3 parking floors (of 29.400m2). Exclusive facilities like swimming pool and theme sky garden with sky lounge and bar is indeed an integral part as value-added of this mix-used development. Implementing the concept of Cubism, the curves and lines (vertically & horizontally) comes gracefully, smoothly and flowingly as the exterior design manifestation for a monumental masterwork.