CBD Puri Botanical

The project’s vision is to create a new central icon for the west Jakarta area; The site is at jalan Joglo raya. Indomegah design team was trusted to interpretate a master-planning design project of this19 hectares piece of property (for commercial and residential function to the vicinities). The commercial scopes include shopping center, office tower and hotel, while the residential functions are apartment & condominium. Located on the corner of Jakarta Outer RingRoads and by Joglo raya main road, the location gives extra benefits for its easy access (for personal vehicles as well as public transportation). The axis of two main roads shall bring high commercial values. Additionally, a concept of “Iconic Twin Towers” arise as our solution and new innovation for the area. The masterplan is divided into 5 lots; the first is a residential area of 7 towers of resort-apartment (with couple of sky-garden and eco-friendly facilities) for a more urban lifestyle. Lot 2 has 10 towers of resort apartment accompanied with beautiful yet dynamic landscape. On Lot 3, a merge of a modern mall with iconic 80 storey office tower. Divided by the Joglo Raya road, Lot 4 reflects the other iconic office tower to be blended with a shopping mall & hotel. Green office park and a condominium on 5th Lot are going to be an integrated area between commercial & residential area.