Sekolah Terpadu Pahoa (Gedung F) Serpong

Building F as the latest development stage of Sekolah Terpadu Pahoa/ Pahoa’s Integrated High-School was started from 2008. The building’s iconic tower of 9th storage high was created in facilitating all of the students activities. It was built on a 8,000m2 with total space of 31,000 m2 (The largest size within the school zone). Designed for a full purpose function, the fifth floor will accomodate labs, outdoor cafetaria, etc. whilst the ninth floor facilitate a multi-function auditorium of a 1,000. while the semi basement floor role as parking space and connection tunnel to Building E for easy access. With 2 voids as main points of interest for the interior, the building exterior concept goes very well with the existing school building elements, such as the red brick wall. The building’s mass was positioned higher to conote a more glorious and graceful looks. Some classical profile in its front entrance canopy shall emphasize a more aesthetic feels.