CBD Paradise Serpong City

Paradise Serpong City (PSC as a redevelopment from a mediterranean residential area was designed to be the new icon in south Serpong. Offering a totally different atmosphere for a master-planning project, the main theme is “Paradise for Children”. Placed strategically between BSD City and Serpong gives a very positive affluence for PSC masterplan development. A humongous area of 241.044 square meters does maximize its potential to become a new central business district and crowd-puller for the serpong neighborhood. Being categorized into 6 Lots and developed into 3 stages, the first stage covers a redevelopment of gallery, gates and main attraction lots, such as hypermarket, SOHO and lifestyle cafe & resto. The second stage consists of many lots that will help enliven PSC as an upcoming attraction by redeveloping a lake restaurant, Anami & Edu Center, a university, hotel, office shops and commercial sectors alongside its supporting facilities like Sport Club, Function Hall and a mosque. The final stage as the pinnacle of the area development will cover commercial buildings such as mall, hotel, office tower, mini offices, apartments and anami. Lot A is created as the central business spot for PSC, to include apartment, an anami, a hotel, a university, an office tower and mini office; all are well integrated within a fly-over to other supporting function located in other lots. Lot B contains a hypermarket, SOHO and office shops. Marketing office and Lifestye Cafes are located on Lot E, while Lot F is planned to have SOHO that will also be functioned as the residential’s main gate. Shop Offices, Anami and an Edu-Center will be positioned on Lot C, and Lot D will held Warehouse and Logostic buildings. Lot K is prepared for all the retail commercial needs, electronic goods and household, as well as a book store and a function hall. The most interesting part from the masterplan is Lot O, whereas a Lake restaurant is going to be built in a frontal lakeview for a soothing natural relaxation nuance. A sport club nearby a children’s giant playground and swimming pool will also be provided inside this lot.